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Day 1

Tengo internet en mi casa! Es muey fabuloso! I can tell my host family and I are going to get along great. Their house is awesome! I have fresh / safe water to drink from a dispenser in the kitchen, a bathroom mostly to myself on the lower level, a fan in my room, and they even have a dog!!!! She is the sweetest thing with big puppy eyes and a loving disposition.

My host mother and her daughter live in the house, and my host mother’s little grand-daughter also visits here. They are Adelina, Elise (ironic!), y Subi.  

I am surprised at how much Spanish I understand, but my speaking skills are pretty crummy. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! 

I just got back from going out with some of my cohort. It was fun exploring. And now I’m ready for bed!





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